Crypto Bulk Shop is a China-based dropshipper of crypto mining equipment such as Asic miners, mining rigs, graphic cards and any other items related to the crypto mining world.

Can I sell your products ?

Whether you sell on Ebay, Amazon or on your own website, you can sell all the items listed on our online shop.

Do I have to contact you to get approved to sell your items?

No, you do not need to contact us, all you have to do is to add the products on your website or Ebay/Amazon seller account and set your price. Once you sell an item, you just have to order it on our website, provide us your customer address and we will ship directly to your customer.

Once I have an order on my website, do I have to contact Crypto Bulk Shop?

We do not add our company information on all our packages, therefore you do not need to inform us before placing an order.

Why your price are so low compared to other sellers?

We are a wholesaler based in China, we have a special relation with the biggest names in the crypto mining such as Bitmain and Innosilicon. Therefore we can provide you very low prices compared to other sellers of crypto mining equipment, some of them are even buying from us :).

Can I pay you using my credit card or PayPal?

No, unfortunately we only accept cryptocurrencies as a payment method, you can pay us using any cryptocurrency you wish. We decided to do it this way for everybody get use to pay using cryptocurrencies.

Also by paying using a cryptocurrency you are paying less transaction fees compared to payment companies such as PayPal, that company charge merchants 5% fee on each transaction, Visa & Mastercard the same, the most outrageous company being Amazon which charge merchants 6% to 25% on each transaction :(.

By not having to pay those fees we can provide even lower prices on items we sell.

If my customer want to return an item, do you accept returns?

Sure, we accept a return for exchange or refund within a 30 days period after your customer receive his package.